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Jerry Rosen is an elite multi-disciplined athlete, coach, action choreographer, stunt performer, actor, educator speaker, environmentalist and activist. He is also a talented lifestyle and fitness consultant that brings 40 years of diverse professional experience to you, your industry and to your lifestyle. His qualifications include:

• Competitive athlete in many disciplines
• Professional gymnastics/acrobatics, swimming, track and field (decathlon) coach, and aquatic survival
• Coach of both International and Olympic athletes in gymnastics, track and field, and swimming
• Coach and train actors for television, film and live action performances
• Train stunt performers in all aspects of physical movement and safety
• Instruct and train military, police and fire personnel
• Experience working with various levels of abilities, athletes and the general public
• Fitness and lifestyle instructor, educator and speaker
• Certified scuba diver and free diver
• Founder of the Israeli Stuntperformers Union in the '80's

Movement is inherent to all things and all people - it is the presence of energy within all objects, in motion and at rest. It is dictated by need and circumstance; a constant, always changing, from the most subtle to the most intense. Jerry has spent years observing the natural world gaining an insight and the essence of movement from all things. Knowing how to better apply movement makes the difference in long-term performance.